Coffee Companion -- 4/26

April 26, 2011|By Matt Vensel

Each morning, Monday through Friday, I'll hook you up with some reading material to skim through as you slug down coffee and slack off at the start of your workday -- that way I'll have an excuse to do the same at the start of mine.

Running it back:

NFL players saw the labor fight tipped in their favor Monday as a federal judge ordered the league to end its lockout. ... A great find and a terrible loss have buoyed Orioles starter Zach Britton, who will be on the mound tonight against the Red Sox. ... Maryland coach Randy Edsall is cautiously optimistic about his team's progress under a new system.

Hitting the links:

1. Alex Rodriguez is mentoring Manny Machado []

2. The Orioles aren’t exactly catching the Red Sox at the right time [Orioles Insider]

3. Deadspin tackles the Luke Scott controversy [Deadspin]

4. Luke Scott's transition to left field is yielding little production [NESN]

5. Here's a story on Yankees fans invading Baltimore [Wall Street Journal]

6. Believe it or not, the Orioles are lucky [The Schmuck Stops Here]

7. O, Fortuna! Explorations in randomness [Orioles Nation]

8. The Orioles offense has been unlucky so far [Dempsey's Army]

9. If the Orioles were a famous hip-hop artist, they would be... [Gossip Sports]

10. Which MLB player would you build a lineup around? [Tribune]

11. Mike Preston: The Ravens should fill a defensive need in the first round [Baltimore Sun]

12. The Ravens could spend their first-rounder in search of an elusive shutdown cornerback [Baltimore Sun]

13. Nicholls State, Lardarius Webb's alma mater, is providing talent for NFL teams [Daily Comet]

14. The Capitals show that they've got guts [Washington Post]

You said it:

"Man, looking at this list, the Ravens shouldn't draft a WR, they have zero success! Of course, I'd love to see the list matched up to the QB's that threw to them. I'm sure that's as sad as this list." -- reader raven maniac is underwhelmed by this list of the 16 wide receivers the Ravens have drafted

Video of the morning: 

Here's another quarterback trick shot video, but this one is from a 12-year-old [hat tip to Prep Rally]

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