Your turn: Has the lockout made you care less about the draft?

April 26, 2011|By Matt Vensel

The NFL draft is typically one of the most anticipated events on the league schedule. Interest has skyrocketed over the years, so much that the NFL decided to capitalize on it a year ago by moving the first round of the draft to prime-time.

But with a lockout putting the league in limbo, it seems that fans are significantly less enthusiastic about the draft this year. We have seen a dip in our online traffic for football coverage this spring, and we're not the only ones. Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio wrote about fan apathy a couple of weeks ago, and Peter King mentioned it in this week's "Monday Morning Quarterback" column. The lockout was lifted by a judge yesterday, but it might be a temporary move.

Still, ESPN execs expect TV ratings for this year's draft to be higher than ever -- at least that's what they are saying publicly. I'm sure plenty of fans will tune in this weekend, but I suspect many of you are still turned off by the lockout, which is understandable.

You tell me: Are you less interested in this year's NFL draft because of the labor strife? Will you still tune in this year?

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