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Victim of McDonald's beating speaks out

Transgender woman calls attack 'hate crime,' has been afraid to be seen in public

April 24, 2011|By Jill Rosen, The Baltimore Sun

An employee repeatedly tries to separate them, but the attackers continue to stomp and kick the victim in the head. People yell, "Stop! Stop!" to no avail, though others can be heard laughing. An older woman at one point also attempts to pull the attackers away and is shoved.

About halfway through the clip, the attackers drag Polis by her hair to the front door. That is where the victim is sitting before another blow to the head causes an apparent seizure.

Throughout the attack, a man is filming and does not intervene. But when the victim appears to have a seizure, he yells, "She having a seizure, yo. … Police on their way. Y'all better get out of here."

The owner of the Rosedale McDonald's announced Saturday afternoon that the employee who taped the beating had been fired.

"My first and foremost concern is with the victim," franchise owner Mitchell McPherson said in a statement, adding that action might be taken against other restaurant workers as well. "I'm as shocked and disturbed by this assault as anyone would be. The behavior displayed in the video is unfathomable and reprehensible."

Polis said she plans to take legal action against the restaurant.

"Anyone in my predicament should not be afraid to walk the streets," Polis said. "They should not have to go into a restaurant and get gawked at and made fun of. They shouldn't be afraid to leave the house. It's just wrong."

Baltimore Sun reporters Justin Fenton and Yeganeh June Torbati contributed to this article.


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