Taxed to the max

April 20, 2011

Thank God the Maryland General Assembly is finished for the year; they did enough damage for one session. At a time when Marylanders are tightening their belts because of high unemployment and underemployment, the government is going to spend $1.4 billion more in fiscal year 2012 than it did in 2011.

With family incomes down, the state is putting the squeeze on taxpayers for more money. The liberal Democrats in the legislature voted to double fees on vehicle titling and birth certificates, slap a new tax on hospitals and put a 2 percent tax on insurance premiums. With so many citizens struggling, why couldn't the government do a little belt-tightening of its own?

To make matters worse, the liberals in Annapolis voted to give college tuition benefits to illegal aliens. This will only make Maryland a magnet drawing more illegal aliens here. Doesn't illegal mean "against the law?"

I hope my fellow citizens wake up and vote in people who will do what is right and not what is politically correct. We can do better than this.

Mark Merson, Boonsboro

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