Companies must stop moving jobs offshore

April 20, 2011

Letter writer Robert W. Palter of Timonium ("Bring back U.S. manufacturing jobs," April 19) is right. We desperately need manufacturing jobs in the United States. However, the owners of U.S. businesses will not allow it.

God forbid the citizens should demand higher wages for their labor. It is impossible to buy anything in the U.S. now that wasn't made in China, Vietnam, Mexico and countries I've never heard of because American businesses, with the blessing of the U.S. government, have moved their companies offshore in order to hire people who are desperate to work for a dollar a day.

Our government and big business created this situation because it benefits them and to hell with the people. I am tired of never seeing a "Made in USA" label on any item I buy. The number of people who no longer have jobs is staggering. It is time for the workers in America to rise up against this theft of our jobs. We cannot continue to allow business to run the country while the government turns its back.

Nancy Williamson, Baltimore

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