Ridiculous: Ann Coulter's new book called 'Demonic'

April 20, 2011|By Luke Broadwater

One of the things that most annoys me about politics is how politicians and pundits personally attack, demagogue and demonize their opponents. 

Well, Ann Coulter has dropped all pretense with her new book title. Openly (and literally) demonizing Democrats, she called her new book "Demonic: How the liberal mob is endangering America." 

I couldn't believe my eyes when first I saw this. Was this a joke? This had to be a joke, right? Sadly, it's all too real. This is a moment when punditry has come full circle and become a parody unto itself. 

What's next for Coulter? "Pure evil: How Democrats are to blame for 9/11 and Pearl Harbor"? "Satanic: The secret, exclusively liberal plot to resurrect Adolf Hitler"? 

I think I have a frontrunner for this week's "Anvil of Reason" award. 

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