Aberdeen Proving Ground explosions felt as far as Delaware

Military personnel destroyed three batches of charges

April 19, 2011|By Jessica Anderson, The Baltimore Sun

An Edgewood woman reported on the Aberdeen Proving Ground Facebook page Tuesday hearing three loud blasts, and another woman who lives in Delaware said she felt three loud explosions.

They were among several people who complained about blasts from planned detonations at the Harford County military testing base that rocked the area about 6 p.m.

Proving ground spokesman George Mercer said he was still trying to calm fears and explain the tests two hours afterward, though the explosions were held in "a remote part of APG."

He said the military installation can cause noise a variety of ways, including firing guns testing armor and detonating charges, but officials usually try to notify residents ahead of time. On Tuesday, military personnel detonated three batches of charges.

Mercer said anyone with questions, concerns or damage claims can call 1-800-688-8705.

"Command does listen when we get these calls," Mercer said, adding that input from residents can affect testing times.


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