Harris does nothing for the middle class

April 18, 2011

Thank you to Dan Rodricks for his excellent assessment of Congressman Andy Harris ("The right's obsession with abortion," April 10). As a resident of Anne Arundel County, represented by Harris, I am appalled at how he has done nothing for his constituents regarding job-creation and betterment of the middle class.

Besides signing on to multiple anti-abortion amendments, a legal medical procedure, Harris has shown his colors that pander to his Tea Party base. Remember, he was funded by American for Prosperity, the Tea Party organization founded by the oil and gas titans Charles and David Koch.

Recently, Harris voted to defund the EPA that not only protects all Americans, but particularly the state of Maryland and Chesapeake Bay. In that same voting cycle, Harris voted to keep an earmark for the Alaskan "bridges to nowhere" that are still being funded with federal money. So while stripping the environment and Maryland of its safeguards, Harris gave Alaska $183 million for their "bridges to nowhere," adding to the deficit with an earmark.

That he's a doctor adds to his pretense. Harris voted against an amendment (H147) that would protect construction workers and enforce safety standards for these workers — again, the middle class. He voted against regulating mountaintop removal and strip mining allowing toxic poisons into streams and drinking water. The working poor and middle class of West Virginia have no political clout, so what does he care?

Harris also advocates hydraulic fracking of gas in Garrett County, putting more carcinogens in their water and jeopordizing their real estate and tourism industry. Another assault on Maryland and the middle class.

Harris calls himself the "caring conservative." Just who does he care for? And where are the jobs?

Judith P. Moylan-Forman, Severna Park

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