Reality show fame doesn't come cheap: Frugal dilemmas

April 18, 2011

Here's something to mentally chew on as you start your workweek.

All those folks on American Idol may have invested an awful lot to get there, according to this informative Bankrate slideshow about the costs of being on American Idol.

The cash outlay starts early, with some people flying to tryouts in other cities --- and having to trek there again if they get called back.

And let's not forget to mention the cost of abandoning any employment or other responsibilities (such as covering the rent) while you're chasing your dream.

You might find yourself subsidizing the weekly wardrobe budget to create the look of a star, according to Bankrate.

But being a finalist does earn you a paycheck, and certainly, the exposure can lead to other opportunities. Some finalists have leveraged their new fame into regional or national gigs.

The bottom line? American Idol is one way to fame and fortune, but it's not the only way. Check out Bankrate's tips for getting famous for free. Then again, if you've got the talent, the odds are better than they are for MegaMillions




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