City sticks others with preservation bill

April 15, 2011

Once again I feel your Sun poll falls short, as there should be a place to comment to qualify their positions. Concerning the poll question regarding marking of Read's as a special historical site, I feel it reveals not only political expediency with Baltimore City, but also an attitude of foisting their desires onto private entities in regard of funding their whims.

Was it not recently that they announced the defunding of the Poe House? To me, both are related to the extent, in the wake of citywide financial challenges, they tend to express a sentiment, then drop the ball of responsibility toward supplying the means that continues to make the future of the site possible.

It translates to me as, "Yeah, the city cares, but we are not committed to the actual preservation. So we dictate." To me, this is another example of how any given business who wants to help the city gets stuck with the bill.

Michael W. Kohlman, Baltimore

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