Lewis says he visits troubled 'hoods after every Ravens game

April 14, 2011|By Matt Vensel

During a recent appearance on Rich Eisen’s podcast, Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis revealed that after every home game, he walks out of M&T Bank Stadium and travels to a troubled neighborhood in Baltimore so he can “change one person’s life."

Lewis shared this information with Eisen in a ranging conversation in which he talked about how he gets fired up every Sunday by reliving all the pain from his past and how he thinks about evil taking place outside the stadium during the game.

“Do the numbers on how many people are murdered during that time,” Lewis said on the podcast. “How many women are raped during that time? How many kids give up suicide during that time?”

Eisen replied, “This is what’s going through your mind?”

“Absolutely,” Lewis said.

“There’s pain that surrounds us. Ravens Stadium?” he continued. “Ravens Stadium is placed less than 10 minutes away from the greatest horror you’ve ever seen in your life. We can’t walk out of the stadium and act like that don’t exist. That’s why when I leave the stadium, I walk and I tell my guy, ‘Take me somewhere else. Take me to the hood. Let me change one person’s life.’ … Win, lose or draw, I go to the hoods of hoods. I go where nobody wants to go.”

Eisen, who admitted to being stunned by the revelation, asked Lewis what happens in these encounters.

 “Conversation,” Lewis said. “Somebody looks at me and says, ‘What you doing down here?’ The only difference with me and you is I made the decision to do something different.”

Lewis said that his “reward” as a living football legend is that he is able to impact others off the field.

 “When you walk outside in Baltimore,” he said. “If you’re able to walk on the sidewalk and people cry because they see me, then my calling is way greater than football. And it’s up to me to make sure that gets out.”

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