'Bones' Jones says Ravens DT Art Jones is 'considering' UFC

April 14, 2011|By Matt Vensel

UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon "Bones" Jones, the younger brother of Ravens defensive tackle Arthur Jones, has said multiple times that his big bro can be the UFC heavyweight champ if he makes the jump to mixed martial arts. It might actually happen.

This week, Bones told ESPN that Arthur -- who played in two games this past season, his first in the NFL -- is "considering" getting into the Octagon.

"Arthur's considering it and he's training," he said. "I just talked to him today and he said, 'Man, my jiu-jitsu's getting so much better.'

"I guess he's using his wrestling base, and his size alone is crazy to deal with. He's just a smart dude. I think he's going to do well if he ever gets cut or leaves the NFL. I'm biased. I really want my brother to be in the UFC with me. That would be so sweet."

Another Ravens player getting into combat sports? What's next? Ray Rice getting into Indian leg wrestling?

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