Newsflash: Trump has no investigators in Hawaii

April 14, 2011|By Luke Broadwater

Donald Trump has been telling anyone who will listen about how he's investigating Barack Obama's birth certificate. He says he has "people" in Hawaii who "can't believe" what they're discovering. Sarah Palin and birthers around the country are praising him for his efforts. 

I don't believe him. 

For one, Trump has been talking about this issue for weeks (months?) now and has provided absolutely zero new information or evidence to help his case. Two, several media organizations have investigated the matter, confirmed the president was born in Hawaii and did so in less time. Finally, today, Trump's campaign strategist, Michael Cohen, refused to provide any details about this so-called investigation, saying it would be "completely counterproductive" to tip Trump's hand

I'm calling hogwash. 

If Trump truly had investigators in Hawaii he would have something better to say than the debunked, years-old conspiracy theories he's been peddling ad nauseum. It's just more false boasts and silly bombast from The Donald. But, in the case I'm wrong -- and Trump does actually have investigators in Hawaii -- they're probably doing something like this:  

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