Undocumented students who get in-state college tuition rates should be required to become citizens

April 13, 2011

In the photograph accompanying the article "History, drama at the close; College tuition breaks extended to illegals" (April 12), you show members of Casa de Maryland celebrating the passage of a bill allowing in-state college tuition fees for the children of illegal immigrants.

Why, I wondered, isn't Casa de Maryland encouraging these young people to become citizens? Why aren't the people we elected interested in having them become citizens?

Surely if any such interest existed, some stipulation could have been included in this bill requiring undocumented students to study for and become citizens as a condition of getting a tuition break.

Alas, one can only surmise that citizenship has little to no meaning to those who are supposed to represent us and to lobbying groups such as Casa de Maryland.

If anything, the message is don't bother or worry about citizenship. You can and will receive all benefits available to citizens without any of the concerns and responsibilities associated with citizenship.

Rick Schimpf, Pasadena

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