Graziano needs to go

April 12, 2011

I read your editorial "Breaking the rules" (April 7) as I was leaving town for the weekend last Thursday. All your points identifying the failure by the city's hiring system were right on. Mr. Epps perpetrated fraud, not only in his previous job with the Corrections Department, but in his position with the Housing Commission as well.

However, while you identified Housing Commissioner Paul Graziano's role as part of the problem, you more-or-less soft pedaled his involvement in the entire affair. His lax ethical standards and lack of leadership is clearly evident during his tenure to date. However, his failure to acknowledge the system failure in the Epps case in light of all the facts, and his continued support of Mr. Epps and his career progression within the agency, makes the housing commissioner an even greater problem. Not only are his leadership skills non-existent, but his lackadaisical attitude and lack of moral and ethical character have infected the entire agency and will continue to perpetuate fraud within the city government. HE AND OTHERS LIKE HIM NEED TO GO … The city will never cure its ills, as long as it is managed by characters like this.

Howard Becker, Baltimore

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