Pro-life politicians deserve praise

April 11, 2011|By Dan Rodricks

What Dan Rodricks doesn't understand ("The right's obsession with abortion," March 10) is that abortion is as much a moral issue as slavery was in the Civil War and civil rights were in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s time. Once again, the dignity and worth of every human life is at stake and that is worth fighting for and defending in every possible way.

Dan says jobs, jobs, jobs, that is what politician should fight for. To have a job you first have to have the right to live. True job creation will help get any politician reelected. Fighting for moral truths can get you scorn and worse. I admire Congressman Andy Harris and others who fight to defend life. As slavery was outlawed, and Jim Crow laws repealed, so too will "safe" and legal abortions someday be a thing of the past.

John R. Baronas, Catonsville

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