What about the parents of illegal-immigrant students?

April 11, 2011

Some questions for the so-called lawmakers (lawbreakers?)In Annapolis. Those who favor in-state tuition for illegal students say they shouldn't be punished for being brought here by their adult family members. But what about their family members? Why aren't they being detained and deported? Is the new law that anyone with children will not be deported? If that is the case, will anyone who breaks any law and has children not be detained or prosecuted? Citizens are entitled to equal treatment under the law. Are the legislators saying that illegals are to be above our laws and consequences, but out own people aren't?

The legislators originally said that the illegal families of the students must have been paying taxes for the last couple of years. Were they going to be exempt for the previous years they have not paid taxes? Was anyone going to check to see if these taxes were being paid with stolen Social Security numbers or tax ID numbers obtained with stolen identities/documents? Now the House wants to exempt the families of illegals from the requirement that they had been paying taxes if they "had a good reason," like they were sick. Do citizens get the exemption from paying taxes as well? Or is this just preferential treatment for illegals?

Are citizens at 100 percent employment so that they can afford to have more competition for jobs? Are there more than enough openings at state colleges that every qualified citizen will get a slot and there will be some left over? It always sounds so generous and noble to help illegal immigrants. We have whole families living in homeless shelters and our vote grubbing, contribution grabbing politicians are worrying about attracting more illegals? They have sold their soul for campaign contributions from the businesses who want cheap labor. They have turned their back on the poor, especially African-Americans because they do not represent a large organized voting bloc and have the support and advocacy groups behind them.

People tend to think of politicians as people who lie and cheat and step over others to get what they want and scoff at people who try to succeed honestly. No wonder! That's EXACTLY what illegals do, and these politicians support them? Maybe they relate to them after all.

Laurin Motsay, Baltimore

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