Waka Flocka keeps Brick Squad rolling as Gucci Mane deals with another WTF problem

New video for 'Everything Brick Squad' shows off promising role-players

April 11, 2011|By Wesley Case

Separating an artist's work from his personal life comes with the territory of being a fan. As a pretty serious Gucci Mane supporter, I've sadly watched his rap sheet overshadow his rap talent with each new WTF-headline. Perpetually on probation and no stranger to jail, Gucci can't seem to stay out of trouble, and this past weekend brought his strangest, most depressing escapade to date. (No ice-cream face tattoo.) After visiting his probation officer, Gucci was arrested on a misdemeanor battery charge for PUSHING A WOMAN FROM A MOVING CAR. As if that wasn't hideous enough, the Hollywood Reporter spoke with DeKalb County Police on the details: Gucci picked the woman up at the mall, offered her $150 to go to a hotel and pushed her out of the car when she turned him down. This is scary, stupid stuff, and makes that separation of art and life ridiculously harder than it ought to be. Everyone's human and mistakes are made all of the time, but if this act of grotesque violence really occurred, it leaves me with a very sick feeling.

A fleeting moment of relief: Waka Flocka Flame dropped a new video Monday morning for "Everything Brick Squad," and it's a small reminder that Waka can carry Gucci's crew without Gucci himself. Wooh Da Kid and Frenchie are promising B-level role players, and Waka is down-right a star (not to mention a menace on equally menacing horror-movie beats). The other MCs don't offer anything memorable (maybe the "break you down like a fraction" line, maybe), but the song is an effective-enough banger to keep the faith in Brick Squad. Faith in Gucci? Not so much, and maybe that's OK.

Spotted at Rap Radar.

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