Sony Dash for $79.99 today at Woot


April 11, 2011|by Carson Porter

I really want to like devices like the Sony Dash. Sony calls the Dash a "Personal Internet Viewer" even though I think it's more of a "Smart Alarm Clock" or "WiFi Digital Pictureframe". The Dash has a seven inch touchscreen and can pipe in content from different apps. It does internet radio, Netflix, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, weather, traffic, etc. It is not a portable device however so the Dash is meant for the bedside or kitchen counter.

If you're a Dash fan, you'll know that $79.99 is a great price. Check out before they're all gone. Personally, I'm tempted but will wait for a similar product with DLNA. Here's a CNET video review so you can see the Dash in action.

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