Casinos win, the rest of us lose

April 09, 2011

Now that the two Maryland casinos have announced estimated profits of over $13 million last month, I guess we're supposed to stand and applaud them and say to those who objected to casinos, "See, I told you they would make money; congrats to the state of Maryland for making such a wise decision" ("Daily Briefing," April 6).

Now let's look at the truth behind the story. Where is this $13 million plus coming from? From your neighbors, your kids, your grandparents, your moms and dads.

The house payment that wasn't made last month? Don't worry, it went to profit the state of Maryland's casinos. Your grandmother who is now broke for the month? Don't worry, it went to the bus company who transported her to the casinos.

The social impact of these casinos will sooner or later affect everyone reading this. Sooner or later, someone you know will blow their paycheck at one of these casinos.

So just remember: The next time your dad makes excuses for why the mortgage or rent wasn't paid, don't worry about it:The money went to the casinos. You might lose your home one day, but don't worry: The state is making a profit off your family. After all, "You gotta play to win" — even if you end up losing.

LeRoy F.Yegge Jr.

The writer is a former Dundalk resident

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