Wiz Khalifa reps for 'Taylor Gang' but not Natalie Nunn

New video for mixtape cut has Wiz in a more natural setting

April 08, 2011|By Wesley Case

Despite my recent output, this isn't a Wiz Khalifa blog. But hey, when you have the No. 2 album in the country, you're going to be the topic of discussion for a little while. Anyway, the video for "Taylor Gang," a favorite from the gritty freebie Cabin Fever mixtape (and the song Wiz performed first on his recent tour), debuted yesterday and all I can say is ... finally! Observe Wiz in his most natural habitat, an everyday dorm house with bad lighting, women, Bombay gin, lighters and oh yeah, ridiculous amounts of marijuana. There is no major-label sheen to this, which is particularly refreshing after the inevitable ascent of cheesy single "No Sleep" (No. 5 on iTunes this past week).

And because I'm susceptible to gossip as much as the next person with Wi-Fi, up-top is a screengrab of a tweet from Natalie Nunn of Oxygen's "Bad Girls Club" reality show and Wiz's brief ex-flame, whose head is covered by a giant Taylor Gang smiley face in the clip. I guess she wasn't Taylor for long.

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