Your turn: Will you root for Tiger Woods to win the Masters?

April 07, 2011|By Matt Vensel

Tiger Woods is on the course today at Augusta National, where he will be shooting for his first major title in nearly three years. You might have heard by now that he got into some hot water away from the course during that span. Apparently, Tiger likes the ladies.

Since a slew of extramarital affairs came to light after he crashed his SUV into a tree in November 2009, Woods has been trying to clean up his image and his golf game (my colleague Kevin Van Valkenburg wrote an excellent piece about the Tiger Woods saga yesterday). It looks like he still has a way to go in both areas.

But I'm pulling for Tiger. I certainly don't condone him cheating on his former wife with more than a dozen women. But I want to see him overcome this adversity, return to prominence and become a real role model this time around. That sends a valuable message about redemption to everyone. Now wouldn't that make a great "ABC Afterschool Special?"

You tell me: Will you root for Tiger Woods to win the Masters and get his career back on track?

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