Medical insurers are not suffering

April 07, 2011

Janet Trautwein seems to feel jobs are being lost because medical insurers are suffering under new healthcare legislation and bemoans the mere 2.2% profit ( "Health care reform takes toll on jobs" April 7). Perhaps she should tell us what that absolute amount in dollars is. It might astound us. It should be noted that the bloated 20 million dollar salaries and bonus for the CEOs is taken off the books before profit is determined as well as the money in reserved accounts for deferred possible future claims. They certainly are not paying primary care physicians who are actually providing the care a fair compensation.

The increase in medical cost is a complicated issue and I agree that the current legislation is not the answer. It was a compromise created mostly by the insurance lobby to their benefit. National health care or Medicare for everyone was never allowed on the table for discussion, but its implementation, as shown by the insurance industries own data, is the only way health costs will be contained.

Dr. Kenneth Hoffman, Annapolis

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