North County is Connected

April 06, 2011|By Pat van den Beemt

News that was once shared over a backyard fence, at a general store or over the telephone is now being emailed to thousands of North County residents.

Several Hereford Zone folks have amassed email lists and when something big is happening, at least 2,000 people out here find out. Immediately.

I know, because I’m on several of those lists. Just yesterday, I received an email from Cockeysville police precinct captain Marty Lurz, warning about traffic tie-ups because of William Donald Schaefer’s funeral procession.

Within minutes, three people forwarded me his message. They didn’t do it because I’m a reporter, but because they believe in keeping the community connected.

Ron Croft, with Hereford Volunteer Fire Company, has more than 800 names on his list. Donna King, with the Hereford Recreation Council, has 1,045 names and Hereford Community Association president Paul Cummins has almost 90, mostly association members.

There are also folks such as Ken Bollinger, who forwards messages to fellow Hereford Optimist Club members, and Kathy Wheatley, who does the same for other members of the Hereford Zone Business Association.

The emails are notices of road or bridge closures, warnings of scam artists going door-to-door or registration dates for soccer or softball.

We may be far apart geographically here in the Hereford Zone, but we’re truly a tight-knit community.

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