NESN writer praises Ravens' all-black uniform as NFL's best

April 05, 2011|By Matt Vensel

The Orioles are in first place and Baltimore is buzzing over its first-place Birds, so now seems like a great time to talk about football uniforms. OK, I know you're in orange-and-black mode at the moment, but I'm sure you won't mind me pointing out that the Ravens' popular all-black uniforms have gotten some love from New England Sports Network.

Jeff Howe, who covers the Patriots for NESN, unveiled his list of the top 10 uniforms in the NFL -- we're talking one uniform here, not the complete set of home, away and alternate jerseys -- and the Ravens' all-black uniforms edged out the Chargers' powder blues and the Patriots' retro reds for the top spot.

"As if the Ravens weren't intimidating enough, they break out the solid black jerseys to go with the solid black pants a handful of times each year," Howe wrote. "It’s got to hurt so much more than getting hit by a guy in purple."

If that were true, coach John Harbaugh might let the Ravens go with the black-out look more often. He prefers when his players wear white pants whenever they wear black jerseys, but he allowed the Ravens to wear all black against the Saints last season and the team delivered one of its best performances of 2010.

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