Mikulski's disappointing silence on Libya

April 05, 2011

Senator Barbara Mikulski has yet to publicize or state her position on U.S. military involvement in Libya. Considering her "No" vote on use of military force in Iraq in 2002 and her reliably consistent Democratic party line voting, one can only assume she is dodging the issue. But remaining mute is not why Maryland voters pay her the big taxpayer bucks, benefits and pension.

It is an insult to our armed forces that Senator Mikulski has time to publish a press release on her website glorifying taxpayer largess of $10,331 to bring broadband Internet access to an elementary school.

Senator Mikulski, whose achievements are many, never had Internet access (federally provided or otherwise) during her formal education years, yet she turned out all right. More to the point, the fact the U.S.A. is $14 trillion in debt leaves me unable to fathom the depths of ideological blindness that drives Senator Mikulski.

R. Lindley, Reisterstown

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