Don't let gender identity protections get bottled up in the Senate

April 04, 2011

As voters we hope that our lawmakers make policy decisions based on the facts and their obligation to protect the best interest of our state's citizens.

Right now it is a fact that 1 in 5 transgender Marylanders were fired and 12 percent have experienced homelessness because of who they are. More than 70 percent have been harassed on the job. This is unacceptable and must end this year!

House Bill 235 provides critical job and housing protections based on gender identity. This bill is similar to laws that are already in place in Baltimore City and Montgomery County. After passing out of the House of Delegates by an overwhelming majority it is being bottled up in the Senate Rules Committee.

We should not allow another year to go by without providing protections for transgender Marylanders. Please, urge you to use your senator to move this bill out of committee and ensure a floor vote this year.

Morgan Meneses-Sheets, Baltimore

The writer is executive director of Equality Maryland.

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