Injured policeman: Illegal immigrants get help, but I don't?

April 04, 2011

My name is Brett Fleagle and I reside in Westminster. This email is in reference to Gov. Martin O'Malley's support for tuition aid for illegal immigrants in the state of Maryland.

I find this highly insulting and unacceptable. I am a retired police officer who served my community for over 20 years. I was injured in the course of my duty, defending the safety and property of the taxpayers of Carroll County. Due to my injury, I was forced to retire on disability.

In 2010 I received a letter from the state retirement system saying that I would not be receiving a cost of living increase due to the economy. OK, I can understand, and I moved on. But to read that Governor O'Malley and Democrats in the legislature want to benefit illegals who are breaking the law by being here, laws that other law enforcement officers and myself are sworn to uphold, and then to be denied a cost of living increase, slaps us in the face. These very laws I was sworn to uphold are being violated by Governor O'Malley and any representative that votes in favor of this bill.

Brett M. Fleagle, Westminster

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