National Financial Literacy Month is here!

April 01, 2011|By Liz F. Kay

Hey everybody, National Financial Literacy Month has arrived!

It's scheduled to overlap with the tail end of tax season, which is always a good time to take a moment to review your finances and set up a plan for the coming year. Think of it as spring cleaning for both your file cabinets and your wallet.

Get started with information from two government resources: and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Celebrate this weekend at these events:

--- See the Rev. Billy preach against the evils of consumerism at 7 p.m. tonight (Friday) at MICA's Falvey Hall. Check B'more Green for more details.

--- Attend Money Power Day at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute tomorrow (Saturday) for more financial advice, which Eileen told us about yesterday.

Can't make it to Money Power Day? Get a month's worth of activities and exercises to get your financial house in order over at Don't miss the answers to common problems written by popular personal finance bloggers.

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