Your turn: Time to turn in your World Series predictions

March 31, 2011|By Matt Vensel

After a month of meaningless exhibitions, the 2011 Major League Baseball season begins this afternoon as a dozen teams take the field. The Orioles will be watching on TV today, presumably in a hotel or a sports bar down in Florida as they await their season opener against the Rays tomorrow night.

Now that the season is finally here, it's prediction time.

About 100 people from ESPN made their predictions, and there was a lot of love for the Red Sox and Phillies. Fanhouse foresees a Boston-Philadelphia World Series, too. A couple of guys from Sports Illustrated think the Reds are going to win it all. And all three of Yahoo's predictors have AL East teams winning the World Series, though none of those teams are from Baltimore.

I'll be making my predictions sometime today or tomorrow, but I want to get yours first.

You tell me: Who will win the 2011 World Series (and are there any other predictions you'd like to make)?

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