ESPN SportsNation voters say Ray Lewis had best hit of 2010

  • Linebacker Ray Lewis on the Jets' Dustin Keller. In an era where every hit is now scrutinized, Lewis' blow to the tight end was legal and devastating. Lewis drove his right shoulder into the chest of Keller, who was leveled to the ground. Lewis later described his fourth-quarter hit, saying, "It's like a quarterback throwing a big touchdown."
Linebacker Ray Lewis on the Jets' Dustin Keller. In an… (Baltimore Sun photo by Kenneth…)
March 31, 2011|By Matt Vensel

Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis blew up Dustin Keller in Week 1 as if the Jets tight end was another puny planet in the path of his rocket-powered raven ride through outer space. Lewis' huge hit stood the test of time, as voters on ESPN's SportsNation recently voted it as the best hit of the 2010 NFL season.

Lewis' hit on Keller received more than 55 percent of the 2,754 votes. Raiders linebacker Rolando McClain's takedown of Rams wide receiver Danny Amendola was a distant second, and Bears wideout Earl Bennett laying out a punter was third.

I know you want to watch the devastation again, so here's the video:

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