No leadership in Annapolis

March 31, 2011

Where is the financial leadership to that people want from this legislature? Raising fees as well as taxes on alcohol will certainly be job killers in this state.

People will struggle more than ever, especially those in lower-class brackets who may never recover from the damage the "Great Recession." The state is simply getting too greedy for it own good. Instead of thinking of compassion, creating jobs, and financial responsibility, the Democratic legislature continues to move forward with reckless abandon with nothing but dollar signs in their eyes while at the same time not really caring for small business and the struggling citizens who live here.

One has to wonder: Who did we "vote" for?

Many Maryland citizens are angry about the rise in fees. Governor O'Malley beat back Robert Ehrlich during the last election over the issue of fees, but now Mr. O'Malley has turned around and slapped Maryland citizens with those same fees we fought so hard to defeat.

The only thing to look forward to from this governor and Democratic-controlled legislature is more taxes, more fees and more hand-outs to illegal immigrants, while we once proud citizens of Maryland bear the burden and get buried under the financial irresponsibility of a governor who is pinning his hopes on a future career in Washington.

Ken J. Bower, Edgewood

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