Raise MTA fares more often, by smaller amounts

March 31, 2011

I was an MTA bus driver, dispatcher and supervisor for over 22 years. I think it is time to finally raise the fares the right way ("Assembly pushes for higher MTA fares," March 31). During the last 40 years since I began back in 1970, it always causes a problem when fares are increased. They wait so long that the increase hurts.

I agree that most people who ride might not be able to have a car so it is basically a good thing to subsidize the fares. But here is a suggestion that should be put into the law since changes will have to be made. To me it seems like a no brainer.

Put in place a system that raises the fares a small amount at a time as needed. Review the costs, say every year, and make changes in small amounts. Since those who control the fares haven't done a very good job over the last eight years it is time to change it. Whatever you do to the fares, put a system to automatically raise them by 5 cents at a time when needed. That way no one would complain.

If this had been in place over the last eight years, the fare could be $2 today, with no need to have public hearings, etc.

Joe Heldmann

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