On budget, O'Malley, Democrats, kick the can down the road … again

March 31, 2011

The governor and the General Assembly have again failed the people of Maryland by deferring tough budget decisions until another day. The budget grows another $1 billion, to $34 billion. It is paid for by increased fees (Gov. Martin O'Malley called them taxes when running for office). He did not have the courage to propose them, so he left it to his buddies in the legislature.

They continue to throw money at education without asking what we should expect in return. They fund programs that show little or no results, e.g. embryonic stem cell research. They rob from the Transportation Trust Fund and then raise taxes to replenish it, so that they can raid it again. They raise diversionary issues about gay marriage and in-state tuition for children of illegal aliens while they formulate superficial solutions to our serious budget problems. What a ship of fools we have.

The voters who continue to put this cast of idiots into office should also be scorned for their short-sightedness and slavish support of the these schlubs.

Harry Carnes

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