Groupon savings for eBay: Cheap Trick Thursday

March 31, 2011|By Liz F. Kay

Shopping on eBay can have its advantages.

Has a beautiful dress been moved to the sale rack in your favorite mall store, but they --- and all the others nearby --- are sold out of your size? Check eBay!

After a friend tells you she called every location of a particular home decor chain on the Eastern seaboard last year but still failed to find the Christmas ornament she wanted, what do you do? Look on eBay!

Feeling a bit nostalgic for that toy you coveted as a child but never got or want to introduce members of the next generation to a game you played nonstop when you were a kid? Find it on eBay!

I am definitely not a regular eBay shopper, but it definitely fills a need.

That's why, in honor of Cheap Trick Thursday, I wanted to tell you about this eBay discount through Groupon: Pay $7 for a $15 worth of value on eBay. (You can still buy the Groupon even if you don't live in the city where the deal is based.)

You can only buy one per person, and you must have registered eBay and PayPal accounts. And, the deal expires by midnight today, so don't put off the purchase if you want it ...
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