April in Paris: British Airways offers $150 off flights

March 31, 2011|By Michelle Deal-Zimmerman

Ever since a friend snagged a $200 round-trip ticket to Paris, including taxes and the like, I've been decidedly unexcited by the typical airline promotional deals. (I've also been green with envy.) But yesterday when Travelzoo sent info about a British Airways sale offering $150 off the lowest published fare for flights anywhere in the world, I felt a little tingle in my leg.

The 96-hour sale - for travel April 15-June 11 - boasted flights from Baltimore starting at $226 each way, after the discount. Sure enough, I went to the site and found fares to Paris for $460 round-trip. The tingle went away, however, when I added on taxes and fees of $568.27, bringing my total to $1,028.27. It's no fair when the surcharges are higher than the ticket!

I checked Fly.com and found a lower fare of $984 on United. Cheap'O Air had $852 flights on multiple airlines. Kayak.com offered a lowest fare of $1,029 on US Airways.

That's no comparison to my friend's fare, which has set a new benchmark for the travel "deal." So, how did he do it? He followed a link on http://twitter.com/airfarewatchdog It was a limited offer, probably hours not days, so you do have to strike while the iron is hot. But the airline is Delta and he'll likely have a seat - though for that price, he should fly on the wings.

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