Preakness deserves more than drunken debauchery

March 30, 2011

The Preakness is the second race of the Triple Crown and it does not deserve to have another rowdy, drunken brawl that does nothing to contribute to the race or to the horse industry ("Trendy or tasteless?" March 30).

Instead of attracting a group of people who have no interest in horses or racing, may I suggest several possibilities that will promote horses, the large and varied horse industry and the large and positive impact it has on the Maryland economy:

Pony clubs; fox hunts; driving clubs; rescue farms; show jumping; handicap programs; Western; mounted police; draft horses; parade of breeds.

Have the infield for family fun and activities and a chance for those who seldom if ever have an opportunity to be in close contact with equines!

Get some of the jockeys to be available to talk to people — Forest Boyce and Jennifer Small just for starters.

Please, please no more tasteless brawls that draw people who have no interest in the horse world!

Anne Hackney, Parkton

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