Schools need to emphasize physical education

March 30, 2011

Being creative about teaching physical education is essential and long overdue! ("Getting exercised over exercise," March 28).

Students in Maryland are craving opportunities to move and be more fit! There are numerous studies that show the benefits of exercise on increasing test scores, reducing stress and improving self-esteem.

It is critical that the Maryland state and local school boards evaluate their PE requirements and adopt creative new policies expanding fitness opportunities in the classroom. In a society where children are supervised less and use multi-media more, our parents in conjunction with our schools and community centers need to give youth an opportunity to move more, eat healthier and feel better about themselves.

Fitness relieves stress, improves focus and makes people feel better! The studies are there to prove it! As adults, we need to show our youth that we care about their bodies, minds and spirits.

Jon A. Kaplan, Baltimore

The writer is executive director of BMoreFit.

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