Disappointed by Hancock's hostile tone on wind energy

March 29, 2011

I just read Jay Hancock's column ("Offshore wind farm is a bad idea that ought to be killed," March 27) on Maryland offshore wind farms and was extremely disappointed in its tone. I have been researching data on this topic and found some of it useful.

However, in my opinion the hostile terminology ("folly") implies that those of us that disagree with him are idiots. Thus I think Mr. Hancock has joined the raucous political extremists of both sides, which is too bad because I usually like his columns. Heretofore I have found them fact-based without resorting to name calling.

In general I don't think he presented all the pros and cons, thus making his conclusion, hostilely presented, hasty and offensive.

In my opinion we need to transition to renewable non-fossil energy regardless of cost.

Al Pflugrad

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