Talking buses should yield to pedestrians

March 29, 2011

Examine the photograph accompanying the article on MTA testing vocal warnings on buses ("Talking buses can keep pedestrians on their toes," March 29).

Pedestrians already look both ways, and naturally so, as taught from childhood, before crossing with the light. Previously your worry was ignorant drivers driving through red lights or honking their horn if you didn't move fast enough. Pedestrians will now be startled by the loud mechanical voice of a bus behind them. As the picture suggests, you are distracted in this already dangerous activity of crossing a street by a bus "noise" and turn your attention behind you.

A bus warning pedestrians that a bus is turning? No, the message should be to the driver saying, "Stop, wait until pedestrian crosses! Proceed only when safe." You also should not have to yield to a bus which has crept forward. Pedestrians always have the right of way over motor vehicles. Read your driver handbook.

What happened to the quieter and safer Baltimore?

Charles Herr, Baltimore

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