What's up with our policy in the Middle East?

March 29, 2011

Is there anyone out there who can clear my head on our country's foreign policy in the Middle East?

We're after Gadhafi. He's a bad dictator — bomb his country, strafe his troops. We seem to be on the side of the "rebels." How're we doin' there? We got a plan?

So what's the deal in Yemen? Isn't their dictator whatshisname killing his subjects too? Oh, wait! Their government is helpful to Washington, right?

And howzabout Bahrain? Didn't their dictator kill some of his folks too? Oh wait! We've got an airbase there or something, right?

And, oh by the way, what are we doing about those Somali pirates who are holding 51 ships and over 800 people hostage until they pay up? And didn't these thugs kill four innocent Americans on their sailboat? Is that OK with us? We're just gonna ignore them ... right?

See why I'm confused?

Puhleeze help me understand 'cause I'm just not smart enough on this diplomacy thing!

David Meyers, Towson

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