Tuesday morning talkers: Bill Ayers, Black panther craziness, and a free gun with every TV

March 29, 2011|By Luke Broadwater

On weekday mornings, I'll post the most controversial, shocking and (of course) ridiculous stories for your reading pleasure. That way, when you walk into work, you'll be the master of witty conversation.


• War in Libya costs $600 million in first week. (Sarah Palin falsely claims it costs $600M a day.) (ABC News)

• In a dubious challenge to President Obama, Donald Trump publicly released his birth certificate. Turns out, though, it wasn't even an official copy. (The Smoking Gun)

• Not a joke: Radio Shack offers free gun with TV service. (Ravalli Republic)

• Poor Madonna. She tried to open a charitable school in Africa. After sinking millions into it, the school will not open and she's being sued. (The Guardian)

• Seriously? The U.S. Department of Justice let guns be smuggled into Mexico. (Fox News)

• French man scales world's tallest building. (BBC)

• 10 Commandments judge eyes presidential run. (WSJ)

Quote of the day:

"We don’t make decisions about questions like intervention based on consistency or precedent," -- Denis McDonough, the administration's deputy national security adviser

Quote of the day II:

"When I see this, I wonder whether Bin Laden had a point," - an Italian commenter on the Jersey Shore's arrival on Italian television.


• Marylanders won't have to smuggle wine any more now that the state passes a bill allowing wine shipment. (The Baltimore Sun)

• At state house, Harriet Tubman won't replace John Hanson statue. (The Baltimore Sun)

• The Sun's Justin Fenton says he, too, was jailed in a powder room by staffers for Vice President Joe Biden. (The Baltimore Sun)


Bill Ayers claims he is the true author of President Obama's beautifully written memoir "Dreams From My Father."

New Black Panther leader profanely lashes out at Obama:

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