Don't count on Mason rocking Jockey underwear like Tebow

March 28, 2011|By Matt Vensel

Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow will face a media blitz when he makes his commercial debut next week as the first pro athlete to model Jockey underwear since Orioles legend Jim Palmer.

If presented with the opportunity to rock banana hammocks on billboards like Tebow, Ravens wide receiver Derrick Mason said on Monday's "Norris and Davis Show" on 105.7 The Fan that he would probably pass on stripping down for Jockey.

"I’d have to think long and hard," Mason said (insert your own punchline there). "I’ve got kids, man, and the last thing I want is my kids to see me on a billboard without any pants on."

Mason said that though he isn't likely to model underwear anytime soon, he doesn't fault Tebow for his endorsement deal.

"I mean, Tim Tebow, figuring he can make some money off the field while we’re not playing football," Mason said. "If that’s the case, go ahead and do it. Try to get as much as you can."

Asked what's worse, modeling skimpy underwear or jumping on a big raven while wearing nothing but body wash bubbles, Mason said he would rather go the way of his Ravens teammate, Ray Lewis, who starred in this memorable Old Spice spot this past fall.

"I think that’s a little bit better than sitting on a billboard with just your underwear on," Mason said.

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