Year of the fees

March 28, 2011

Funny how Gov. Martin O'Malley used an anti-fee campaign to defeat Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. — only to see his Democratic allies in the House of Delegates steamroll the state into more fees than ever before. This proves that the governor and the Democrats in the 2011 General Assembly don't care about overburdened Marylanders or feel the pain these high fees would cause.

These fees were not "tough choices." Raising fees was the stupidest onslaught against Maryland citizens in the history of the state. Marylanders will feel their wallets getting lighter, and low-income residents will struggle more than ever. The new fee increases prove that the Democrats as well as the governor don't care about Maryland at all. Instead, the almighty dollar has taken precedence over common sense and sanity.

For Maryland we can quote a new motto: "Over-taxed and over-fee'd and broke beyond all reality." And we can warn others: "Beware, don't move to Maryland; it's not the Free State we advertised it to be."

Shame on Governor O'Malley and shame on the Democrats for breaking the hearts and minds of the people and burying the state under an avalanche of fees that will be felt forever. May the Democrats fall on their faces hard in the next governor's race, for which Maryland citizens will have a new battle cry: "Remember the fees!"

Marylanders can't afford to have Democrats win any more state elections; if they maintain control it will simply be more of the same in the future.

Voters, wake up and don't forget 2011 as The Year of the Fees.

And don't forget we are also shelling out millions of dollars a year to pay for the education of the children of illegal immigrants. How much more must we be burdened with before we say enough is enough?

Ken J. Bower, Edgewood

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