Mr. Trump, here's Obama's birth certificate

March 28, 2011|By Luke Broadwater

At first, I thought The Donald was only joking when he questioned President Obama's birthplace. But he's been ramping up the rhetoric pretty fierce in the last couple of days, including appearances on "The View" and, his favorite spot, Fox News.

Here he is on "Fox & Friends" this morning.

He reiterated his disbelief that Obama was born in the United States and called on the president to produce his birth certificate. 

Calling Obama "this guy," Trump stated that he believes the path he's investigating is turning out to be very important. 

Here are some choice quotes: 

• "This guy either has a birth certificate or he doesn't. ... It's turning out to be a very big deal."  

• "If you weren't born in this country, you cannot be president ... I am really concerned." 

• "You have no doctors that remember. You have no nurses -- this is the President of the United States -- that remember." 

• "Why can't he produce a birth certificate? ... His family doesn't even know what hospital he was born in."

And, of course, Trump took some time to compliment himself:  

• "I was a great student at the best college in the country. I want to let people know, I'm a smart guy." 

Now, I hate to stop a good train wreck in the middle of the destruction, but the Obama campaign did, indeed, produce his birth certificate. Here it is: Certification of Live Birth

Opponents have derided this birth certificate as a forgery, but those objections have been debunked.  

Hawaiian officials have twice verified that Obama's birth certificate is in the state files. 

Why this continues to be a controversy is beyond me. But if Trump can't do even the tiniest bit of research and reach logical conclusions about controversial issues, is he really qualified to be president? 

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