Want a great school? Move to Baltimore

March 27, 2011

Wow! A Baltimore County resident who pays less in property taxes than her city neighbor can send her child to one of Baltimore's premiere schools for $4,235. That's an opportunity that doesn't exist for city residents who may wish to have their children attend a magnet Baltimore County school.

Now the premium has been raised a whopping 10 percent ("City school board raises tuition for non-city residents," March 23). Why not raise it 200 percent so that tuition is on par with the private schools in the area?

With looming deficits and continuing concerns about budget cuts, increasing recognition that many of the city's schools are excellent choices, and, most important, no lack of demand by city residents to have their children attend these schools, it's time people recognized that living in the city provides you with great educational opportunities. Either move here or pay a fair price for the privilege.

Claudia Diamond, Baltimore

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