Baltimore parking meters a rip-off

March 27, 2011

After reading about what Frederick does with parking tickets ("A place for pardons," March 25), I have to write to you about my recent experiences. Being half Irish I celebrate what has become St Patrick's month. On Saturday, March 12, we met some friends at the James Joyce Irish bar on President Street to start our celebrating. Then on St. Patrick's Day we started our day at Mass at St Patrick's Church on Broadway. From there we go to Duda's Tavern on Thames Street for lunch.

Here is how the city rips people off: When we found a parking space on Saturday, the meter would only let us pay for two hours. We encountered the same thing on Broadway (where city officials saw fit to give out tickets to those in church). And also true near Duda's.

Why can't these meters be good for more time? The only reason they are limited to two hours is to make it possible to give out more tickets. Every time I see things like this happen it makes me not want to go back to the city and support local businesses.

Also, I think the city discriminates against whites because I have never seen these kind of meters along Pennsylvania Avenue or other black business areas. Why is that? Maybe I should contact the ACLU.

Joe Heldmann, Catonsville

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