Crash with cyclist shows need to test older drivers

March 26, 2011

The case of the bicyclist who was hit by a car and remains in a coma is truly sad ("Family of comatose bicyclist sues 83-year-old driver" March 23), but the other underlining story is the 83 year-old who was driving the car.

The problem lies with the legislators and MVA for allowing renewals of drivers licenses as long as fees are paid. My father-in-law was 91 when he last renewed his license. The eye doctor wouldn't sign off because he needed glasses. He went to MVA and they told him the same thing, but the tester, who had his driver's license in her hand, gave him back his license when he complained he had two more months left on it. Instead of suspending the license, she handed it back and he continued to drive.

I complained to the head of transportation, and he did nothing. He said I could report him and have him retested. Why go to all that trouble when they had his license in their possession and knew he could not see right?

If the bicyclist was hit with the front of the car as reported, he was already crossing when he got hit and the 83-year-old did not see him when turning right.

They control when teenagers can drive; it is time to regulate the elderly.

J. Michael Collins, Reisterstown

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