Town meeting of Congressman Harris was one-sided

March 26, 2011

Does Congressman Andy Harris (District 1) really want to hear from all of his constituents? Apparently not, based on my experience with his most recent virtual town meeting held the morning of March 23.

To participate in this town meeting, one had to receive a robocall invitation. I thought it was odd that I, as a registered Democrat, received this invitation half-way through the meeting and too late to have my question answered.

At the end of the meeting, participants were invited to leave their names and email addresses in order to ask the questions that were not heard on the call. Am I surprised that I never received this email? Clearly, Andy Harris doesn't want to hear from a me.

It is clear to me that the Congressman's supporters were able to ask questions and his opponents were not. All the questions directed to the Congressman allowed him to give the party line: reduce taxes for all (including the richest Americans), reduce the number of government regulations (don't interfere with business even if some businesses should be regulated to protect citizens), get rid of the new health care plan.

The question I wanted to ask: what is Congressman Harris doing to create a cooperative tone in Congress so that work can get done? I miss Frank Kratovil.

Peggy Sange, Severna Park

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