An Open Letter to General Electric

March 26, 2011|By Luke Broadwater

Dear General Electric,

Last year, you earned $14.2 billion in profits and I earned, well, considerably less than that.

The year before that, you earned $10.3 billion in profits and, again, I earned much, much less.

But somehow, each of those years, I still paid more in federal taxes than you did, because you paid nothing.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying you should have to pay more than me. After all, I do enjoy such luxuries as owning a rusty old car and shopping at the sales rack at JC Penney.

And I do appreciate the talent and ingenuity that goes into finding tax loopholes. I know I didn't have the foresight to sign up for offshore bank accounts or the connections to lobby congress for changes in tax laws to benefit me. 

I'm not saying you're a bad corporation who's ripping off the country. I just think we should each have to pay about the same thing.

Maybe we can get lunch sometime to discuss. I know you're a little tight with the checkbook, so don't worry about picking up the bill. It'll be my treat.



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